Hurleysgivingpocalytageddon: Interzone

Interzone is one of the many Road Warrior inspired Italian movies of the late 80s. I dig this one quite a bit, since they’ve changed up several of the character archetypes, the change of the main villain to a woman (played by the awesome Teagan Clive), and the casting of Bruce Abbott is pretty amazing. Rather than having a crusty, old, disheveled protagonist like Road Warrior, Interzone features a dashing,  young, somewhat vain lead named Swan, who’s more along the lines of Mad Max. Not a huge shift, I know, but still pretty noteable among the post-apocalyptic sci-fi flicks of the era. There’s also the addition of futuristic tech (a force field), and psychic powers  (the priest/monk Panasonic communicates mostly telepathically [Seriously, his name is Panasonic]).

Still, some of the best moments in this film come from it’s completely unapologetic cheesiness. It’s all a little tounge in cheek, but strides the parody line without crossing it. There’s an excellent moment when our protagonist sees his true love up for sale on a slavery auction block. Once he lays eyes on her, he has a super-corny vision of the two of them running toward each other slow-mo through a field of flowers. Intercut with this fantasy are clips of the current events, including one of Swan mouthing the words “What. The. Fuck.” Apparently, he’s as confused by the random fantasy clips as we are.

The best line of the movie, however, goes to one of the main baddies. He has Swan cornered, with a gun to his head and says, “I’m gonna blow your brains out, and then… I’m gonna kill you!”

3 out of 5